Role of Dark Chocolate in Cosmetics


Many foods out there have been associated with various health benefits, with many people doing all they can to achieve the best when beauty comes into consideration. As you may have probably heard, sugar has been accused of threatening the health of any individuals who intake it in high amounts. Therefore, many have been avoiding sweet foods, chocolate being one of them owing to the above accusation. What you should acknowledge, however, is that dark chocolate has many benefits which might as well amaze you especially if you had doubts concerning it.

Dark chocolate is usually low in sugar and high in cocoa, which as a result makes it abundant in vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that nourish your skin. Various reasons make dark chocolate a good assistant in your quest for beauty especially if you want to go the natural way:

1. Dark chocolate repairs skin

There are various nutrients which we can get from dark chocolate which include iron, calcium, and various vitamins which include vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E. These nutrients are essential for good skin development and maintenance so that they will deeply moisturize your skin and leave it with a healthy glow. Also, you could opt to go for the Do It Yourself chocolate body scrub which may contain olive oil, vanilla, brown sugar, and cocoa powder. Such scrubs work wonders if you carry out the process patiently.

2. It shields your skin against harmful UV rays

Dark chocolate has flavanols which have been clinically proven to protect your skin from sunburn, redness and the other effects that may come up as a result of UV damage. When you apply dark chocolate to your skin, it can repair and hydrate parts of your body which have been directly exposed to the sun and may be victims of sun damage. However, it’s crucial to note that this use is usually not a substitute of sunscreen, so it’s important that you still wear your sunscreen as recommended.

3. It erases fine lines as well as wrinkles

If you have had an experience with stress or you have had a friend who has gone through such problems, you know exactly what stress can do to your skin. If you often grab a piece of dark chocolate on a regular basis, you will discover that it works great in reducing stress hormones. This means that your skin will result in less collagen breakdown and hence fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Besides, everyone would probably like to get prettier with such a simple remedy which involves eating chocolate many times a day.

4. It helps fix and adds shine to lackluster locks

Dull hair can be one of the most common conditions which your hair could be in. Having been a result of many different causes, the last thing you want to do is ignore the problem as you want your hair to look healthy and appealing. As such, a homemade hair mask made out of dark unsweetened chocolate can be a fantastic solution to the underlying problem. You will need to add honey and yogurt to the mask mixture before you apply it to your hair. After the application, you can cover the hair with a plastic wrap and leave it for about one hour after which you will rinse with cold water, with the results expected to be super shiny strands of hair.

5. Dark chocolate promotes hair growth

If you like your hair and want it to grow in a healthy and strong manner, then you have the solution right next to you. Dark chocolate has zinc, copper, and iron which are the minerals that have been linked to promoting cell renewal growth process. Therefore, eating chocolate frequently increases your chances of having robust and healthy hair by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the scalp.

Finally, if you had many doubts and misconceptions towards dark chocolate, it’s time to let go your doubts and embrace the habit of taking in chocolate regularly considering the many gains you will reap from it. Besides, dark chocolate will help you out when you want to reduce your sugar craving which is good for your health.