5 Ways to Cleanse and Detox your Body


For an effective detox process, you must be willing to initiate lifestyle changes in order to rid your body of toxins. The lifestyle changes entail abstaining from particular harmful things as well as optimizing your body processes. While some of the changes might be temporary, others are permanent.

Seasonal detox is highly effective at clearing your body of toxins. It also enhances your overall health and speeds up your metabolism.

No spas or fad retreats … The following ways are effective at cleansing and detoxing your body thus helping you feel healthier than ever before:

1. Reduce your sugar intake

The best starting point when it comes to detoxing your body is by reducing the sugar levels you consume. That includes artificial sweeteners, molasses, and honey. When you consume more sugar, you demand more insulin from your body thus straining your pancreas as well as wearing yourself out. Eventually, consuming high sugar levels causes you to pack on excess weight, develop cancer, and become diabetic as well as chronically fatigued.

2. Take plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water especially with lemon is magical. Begin all your mornings with a glass or cold or warm lemon water. Lemon is handy at helping re-hydrating the entire system. It also promotes digestion thus helping flush out toxic waste from the body. This is all courtesy of pectin that’s contained in lemon. Water with lemon is great at boosting satiety and curbing your appetite. Flushing toxins as well energizing the digestive tract certainly sounds like a remarkable way of beginning the day, right? The bonus is that little lemon wedge that bobbing inside your cup that always reminds the brain, ‘’Hi, I’m choosing to be healthy today!’’

3. Move the body (exercise)

Exercises increase your heart rate which in turn means an increase in the flow of blood. Frequent exercise encourages the circulation in the lymph and blood system. By doing that, you also strengthen your body, lubricate joints, reduce tension, and also enhance digestion. People that exercise regularly have fewer total toxins in the systems. The good thing is that hitting the gym isn’t the only way to sweat. There are plenty of things you can do to increase your heart rate. For instance, check this out. The rule of thumb is to rev the heart rate, break some sweat and then get in a better mindset to take it a notch higher the day that follows.

4. Drink tea

Tea is full of antioxidants. This is especially true if it’s herbal. In addition to contain high antioxidants levels, tea also fills you up. That simply means that you’re less likely to eat the wrong things or overeat things. You should keep in mind that caffeine contained in tea is totally different from the one contained in coffee. The former is gentler on the system. By taking tea, you’ll enjoy a pick-me-up without the jitters.

In the afternoon as you take a healthy snack, you can also take a cup of dandelion root tea. Dandelion is really magical when it comes to improving digestion. Being hydrated properly is linked to everything from healthy metabolism to a good skin and high energy levels. If this kind of tea isn’t your thing, you can settle for green tea. You’ll derive antioxidants as well as metabolic boost from it.

5. Overcome environmental pollutants

Don’t forget that allergens and pollution are around us. They’re always in the air. Environmental pollutants can trigger allergic symptoms such as red and puffy eyes. To be on the safe side, you should regularly flush you nasal passages. Doing so goes miles in eliminating the potential side effects of air pollutants. It also leads to better breathing naturally. Clearing your nasal passages before going to bed is even better. It enhances your sleep.

If you fancy a faster approach to cleansing and detoxing, then a weight loss colon cleanse would be worth a try.

Some of the other strategies you can incorporate in your daily routine to clean and detox your system include:

Eat organic – This year and moving forward, you need to reconfigure your diet. Your main focus should be a colorful variety of veggies and fruits. On top of that, add legumes, beans, whole grains as well as minimal amounts of seeds and nuts. Consume whole plant foods since processed foods normally lack the essential nutrients the body needs. For instance, dark green vegetables contain high levels of micronutrients. They are also low in calories. Therefore, there’s no limit to the amount you can consume.

Visit the sauna – Another effective way of detoxing is by sweating it out in a sauna. Actually, it can help you lose substantial amounts of weight. You should use the sauna regularly. There is nothing more effective at detoxing compared to sweating it out.

Exfoliate – Oil massages and skin brushing is efficient at exfoliating toxins from your body’s skin. It also helps to refresh circulation.


With countless posts about the danger of toxins, you might be wondering if there’s need to detox the body. Over the years, different quarters have released plenty of information regarding procedures, diets as well as other approaches to detoxification. However, the truth is that most of the practices are dangerous at worst and extreme at best. Of great importance to note is the fact that the body is tailored to detoxify on its own, naturally. Actually, the body defends itself against occasional indulgences and environmental insults. While that might be the case, it’s prudent to initiate some steps on your own to cleanse and detox your body. The above are some of the most effective ways to help you do that.